Develops self-discipline, beautiful posture, strength, stamina, poise and an appreciation of ballet as an art.  Dancers learn expression and grace through movement and a love and appreciation of dance.

This class focuses on alignment, clear use of weight placement, musicality to encourage freedom of movement, and most importantly a sense of fun and enjoyment.  Strength & flexibility.

Every class includes warm ups, technique, across the floor work, turns, jumps, leaps, as well as elements of dance conditioning and allows the children to have incredible fun as they keep fit.


Using music of today, this form of dance involves muscle toning, stretching and rhythm exercieses as well as a cardiovascular workout.  

Applying rhythm, developing timing and learning to use their feet as a musical instrument, children improve their concerntration, rhythm and co-ordination.

A combination of stretching and body toning exercises in a class that is fun and relaxed.  It is recommended that all ballet students attend this class as the strength and flexibility gained will help their classical training along.

Passion   Love   Dedication   Commitment

We believe in children being children, and therefore only use age appropriate music, costumes and dance moves in all our classes.

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